SoLux: Salon and Cosmetic Lighting

Having the right color is extremely important to salon and cosmetic customers and lighting is the most crucial aspect to getting accurate color. SoLux lights provide color accuracy that is far superior to any fluorescent light source. A growing number of salons are discovering the advantage that SoLux provides. Here are some from salon owners that use SoLux ....

Wendi owner of Avalon Salon writes.... " I just wanted to tell you how your SoLux bulbs have changed my life at the salon. I absolutely LOVE them!"

Bryan owner of Cascada Salon & Spa writes.... "The SoLux lamps are working very well for us. I have a 4 foot track suspended at 12 ft. height over each styling chair, and I have three heads on each track. The 3500 (SoLux) appeared much clearer and noticeably more true to color than the ones we were using from 'Home Depot"

Judy, a make up professional writes..."Just wanted to give you an update on my SoLux clip-on lamp. It's still the best! It's so portable....I've been bringing it to hotel rooms to do bridal parties, clipping it to all sorts of curtain rods, wrought iron shelves, the arm of my makeup chair, even once doing a brides makeup I clipped it onto a tree branch that was in a pot in the room! As far as the bulb...All my customers have loved their custom blended foundations and think they are a perfect color match! Thanks again"

Joey, the owner of Vain, wrote the following about SoLux lights on her web site... "Vain has been a dream of mine for years. When creating this salon, I wanted to create a space that is warm and comfortable, yet modern and sleek. Lighting is key in creating great color and cuts, so we are featuring the most true to natural lighting that exists."


SoLux Applications

SoLux is used in numerous applications all over the world. Here are just a few:

What our customers are saying...

"I just wanted to tell you how your SoLux bulbs have changed my life at the salon. I no longer bake under the HORRID HALOGENS! I absolutely LOVE them! They are fantastic, so much so, that I would like to order more! "

Wendi Whitney-Smith