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Notable new College and University orders: Bennington College, Haverford College, IUP University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oklahoma State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego, Union College, University of Southern Miss, University of Delaware.

Tailored Lighting issues press release with headline, "Iconic Church Artwork Illuminated by SoLux Natural Daylight Light Bulbs " Quoting Peter Los of Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church: "The lighting in our church is fabulous...The icon of Christ with the gold leaf around it looks great."

Notable new orders: Adam's Antiques, Bere's Jewelers, Canon USA, Cleveland Museum of Art, Drexel University Photography Program, Fabrie Jewelers, Frantz Diamonds, Guggenheim Museum, Toledo Zoo, Little League Baseball Inc., Memorial Art Gallery, NASA Langley Research Center, National Geographic, National Science Foundation, Nevada Weir Photography, Physics Dept. MSU, PPG Aerospace, RIT CIAS School of Art, The Height Salon of Brooklyn Inc., Union College Dept. of Biology, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Whole Foods Market, York Regional Police, Zen Zen Salon.

Tailored Lighting issues press release with headline, "The Rotella Gallery in SoHo NYC Featuring Works by Robert Rotella and Art Wolfe Install SoLux Lighting" Quoting Peter W. Pinto, Gallery Director: "Our chromogenic dark-room images and inkjet prints are truly brought to life by the SoLux lighting."

Tailored Lighting issues major press release with headline, "New Non-Invasive Method for Painting Restoration Developed by Tailored Lighting Inc., Rochester, NY, Hailed by Museums and Art Galleries.

Tailored Lighting issues two press releases announcing large re-orders of SoLux lamps by the Van Gogh Museum and Musee d'Orsay.

Researchers in Europe have determined the discoloration in many French Impressionist Masterpieces including those by Van Gogh are being caused by the new LED lights used to illuminate them. Click here for full story.

Kevin McGuire, President of Tailored Lighting Inc., has donated his SoLux Lighting to the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY. The first painting to be re-lit with this simulated natural daylight is Jackson Pollack Masterpiece Convergence

60 Minutes, aired a compelling story on the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh. The story within the story are the numerous paintings faithfully reproduced by SoLux lighting. See if you can distinguish the paintings lit by SoLux and those not. Click here for full story.

The image above compares a 1 Megapixel image of Gauguin's Chair illuminated by SoLux taken over ten years ago with a 7 Billion pixel photograph created by Google's Art Project illuminated with a source other than SoLux. Color is created by the selective reflection and absorption of the colors in the visible spectrum by the painting's pigments. If the source has spikes in it or is not well balanced you get the image Google achieved regardless of your camera's resolution. We feel Google badly missed the mark on this opportunity to show the world the beauty and brilliance of these paintings. You just have to go and see them yourself starting with the museums lit by SoLux! For a complete list of over fifty Museums, Galleries, and Artists that specify SoLux, click here

SoLux lighting was recently highlighted at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne, Germany during the city's annual museum night. For 9 minutes the museum's collection was illuminated by SoLux and for one minute the lighting was switched over the original light source. Over 6000 visitors that night witnessed a impressive demonstration showing the impact lighting has on art. The untouched photograph of the Rubin painting on the left is lit by SoLux. The same painting on right is fluorescent lighting. Seeing is believing.
For a complete list of over fifty Museums, Galleries, and Artists that specify SoLux, click here

[New!] SoLux has been specified by the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany. The Folkwang is considered one of the major art museums in Europe and once called "the most beautiful museum in the world" by the co-founder of the Museum of Modern Art, Paul J. Sachs, on a visit from NYC to Essen in 1932. In 1937 the Nazis confiscated and subsequently illegally sold more than 1400 works that are now some of the masterpieces of great museums and private collections worldwide. Artists represented in this extraordinary museum today are: Monet, Manet, Matisse, van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, and Gauguin. All lit by SoLux!

Greg Gorman's exhibit "A Distinct Vision" 1970-2010 running September 15th-October 29th at the Pacific Design Center, sponsored by Epson. This exhibition showcases his well-known portraits (Andy Warhol to right) and nudes. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Gormans is his attraction to, and record of, some of the outsiders who occupy the fringes of the creative community. This list includes John Waters, Iggy Pop, Malcolm McClarren, Nina Hagen, Udo Kier, Pee Wee Herman, Stephen Sprouse, Divine, Jeff Koons, the Kipper Kids, Quentin Crisp, and Tom Waits among others. The show has been getting rave reviews and is exclusively lit by the SoLux PAR as its light source. The exhibition runs to end of October. It's a must see!

The Musee d'Orsay in Paris France has reported installation of SoLux lighting in nearly half of the Museum as part of a major renovation project due for completion in 2011. Read full Press Release. "We are pleased to announce the Musee d'Orsay in Paris France has chosen the SoLux light source to relight their entire collection. The Musee d'Orsay is best known for housing one of the most extensive collections of French Impressionist art in the world. Works by Degas, Monet, Renior, Van Gogh, and Cezanne are now bathed in a safe and controlled natural light (SoLux) bringing out the true beauty and genius that was hidden under the old lighting." Kevin McGuire, President, Tailored Lighting Inc.

Tailored Lighting's SoLux Lighting makes front pages of Cologne Germany's newspapers proclaiming "Medieval's New Light". The final installation of SoLux lighting throughout Medieval Gallery at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne Germany completes an extensive three year renovation project. The first phase started in the Impressionist Gallery, the second phase re-lit the Baroque Gallery. Originally, the museum was awash in indirect fluorescent lighting that failed to display the paintings properly. With the installation of SoLux lighting in final gallery, paintings that once were passed by, are now wowing visitors. Details never seen before are now on display 24/7. Dr. Andreas Bluhm, the director of the museum, was asked if all the paintings had been restored, his answer was, We only changed the lighting.

Slide show A gift from Tailored Lighting Inc. helps students who participate in the Math Read Along program.
In an effort to give back to the community, Kevin McGuire, President of Tailored Lighting Inc., provided funding for the purchase of the books "Secret, Lies, and Algebra" for middle school students in a low socio-economic school district in rural upstate New York. This generous gift is appreciated by many students who benefit from it. Read some of many letters sent by students: Austin,    Cassandra,    and   Marshall
To learn more about this project, visit:

The Davidson Gallery at Roberts Wesleyan Collage installed Tailored Lighting's track and SoLux products exclusively through out its beautiful gallery. Director Katherine Page followed Tailored Lighting's suggestion of purchasing round black track fixtures with optional snouts, plano-convex, and plano-plano diffusers, and 3500K SoLux bulbs with multiple beam spreads to handle just about any exhibit.

I wanted to show you the beauty of your lights with our latest show, Tuning In, the All-Student Show. I feel like it is a whole new gallery. You can see more on our new gallery website: Davison Gallery Again, thanks for all your help in making our gallery so attractive with such high quality illumination.
Kathrine Page
Director, Davison Gallery
Curator, B.T. Roberts Memorial Hall Art Gallery
Roberts Wesleyan College


Kaune Sudendorf Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Cologne Germany, featuring works by Peter Granser, chose SoLux 3500K Black-Back bulbs (black coating eliminates spill light) to light Cologne's newest gallery. Sotheby's Director of Photography Europe called it the best opening of the year.

Tailored Lighting works with Biomedical Students from the University of Rochester to develop light for dental color matching. Click here for University's press release.

The Department of Homeland Security has specified SoLux as a preferred light source for image capture and image evaluation . 

Tailored Lighting donates lighting for Signature International, a benefit, featuring works by the following celebrities to raise money for their favorite charity: Jessica Alba, Laura Harring, Michael Madsen, Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz, Forest Whitaker. At left photo of Laura Harring.


American Photo, Images Of the Year Competition featured SoLux Lighting to display all photographs.

January 2007, Land's End selects SoLux as its primary light source to illuminate their main evaluation room for its Seasonal Collection.

Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art installs SoLux in time for its, Cradle of Christianity: Treasures from the Holy Land Exhibition.

Tailored Lighting is pleased to announce the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan is the most recent museum to install SoLux to illuminate its extraordinary collection of Chinese art. Click here to visit museum's website in "SoLux makes Art Rock" Read a glowing  review of SoLux for Photography, Art, and Color Proofing."


Tailored Lighting President and SoLux Inventor Kevin Kevin McGuire traveled to Cologne, Germany to attend the Grand Opening of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum French Impressionist floor lit by SoLux.  SoLux has received positive press and enthusiastic feedback from the museum's director, Andreas Bluhm:

"Mr. Breuer and his team have finished the gallery no. 3.  We have also moved a small Van Gogh painting into our temporary exhibition space lit by - you guessed it - SoLux. The effect is striking. It is going to blow everybody's mind"Click here to see results.

George Eastman House, Pete Turner Exhibit, chooses SoLux as the exclusive light source. Click here for more stunning images.

The show looks incredible. I doubt anyone has seen a show of color photography so well lit.
Rick Hock, Director Exhibitions

"Each print is dramatically spot lit like a gem, I couldn't ask for a better presentation."
Pete Turner, Photographer talking about SoLux in American Photo


Tailored Lighting will be co-sponsoring the Epson Print Academy along with Adobe and Microsoft.  At left, SoLux illuminating Epson produced prints. Note the quality of surrounding lights compared to SoLux. Click here for more details.


Independent study confirms SoLux as the most accurate replication of daylight on the market. Learn more by going to our Specification Page.

Marquette Building in Chicago, Tiffany Mosaic, relit by Bruce Yarnell Associates using SoLux 3500K 17 Degree, "When you are down in the lobby looking up at the mosaics it is just incredible the colors that pop and you remain standing there in awe." Margaret F. Boersema, Building Manager.  See before and after pictures

Dan Roberts, Director of Macular Degeneration Support, Inc., has added SoLux Task lamps using the 3500K bulb to the "recommend" list and will take the SoLux Task lamp to a Macular Degeneration conference in FL.  For more information visit more specifically:

SoLux has been chosen by PPG to illuminate a new color display room.  Over 225 SoLux 3500K bulbs and fixtures will light PPG's state-of-the-art display room to show off its latest color palates and innovations to its customers.

SoLux has been chosen by Honda for its quality control due to SoLux's "Unsurpassed simulation of daylight" and "Excellent color rendering index rating for clarity and sharp resolution" in addition Honda states, "The SoLux Daylight Light source simulates daylight more accurately than any other commercial light source and does not exhibit any of the disruptive "flickering" that is common in fluorescent light sources."

SoLux is being used for taking photographs of the oldest copy of the new testament dating back to 165 AD.  

Independent Study finds learning rates are 26 percent higher in reading, 20 percent higher in math in rooms with the most daylight.  Go to study. Companion study found Retail Sales were 40% higher in stores lit with daylight.   Go to study

Tailored Lighting is honored to be chosen as the lighting supplier for the 9-11 tribute, "After September 11: Images from Ground Zero", photographs by Joel Meyerowitz.

Popular Science reprints AP article on SoLux.

Wall Street Journal writes an article about SoLux Quoting Irene Martin, head of exhibitions for the Los Angeles County Museum, where the Van Gogh exhibit is currently on view. "You can see every brushstroke on their surface... You can actually see the light as if it were glowing out of the paintings."

Read about SoLux installed in the Memorial Art Gallery (visitor comments) containing works from Monet, Renoir, and, Cézanne in a front page newspaper article. click here

SoLux Applications

Solux is used in numerous applications all over the world. Here are just a few:

What our customers are saying...

"Recently, an art historian asked us to send him a restoration report on one of our Rubens paintings. The curator told him that the painting had not been restored lately. The art historian replied by saying: "But I see so many more details now." Well, that is the new SoLux lighting, the curator explained! "

Andreas Bluhm Director Wallraf-Richartz Museum

"What a difference SoLux has made on our art! While we were waiting for all your bulbs to come in we had one room that was half SoLux and half another company's and you could really see the difference. You have a great product!"

Julie Bonomo