SoLux™: Jeweler Lamp Applications

SoLux Applications

Hundreds of businesses across the USA and around the world use SoLux to bring out the best presentation to their fine jewelry and gemstones. One of the main reasons that SoLux is preferred in the jewelry business is because it gives a true sense of color and does not make a store or a booth look garish or over lighted. This is important in giving the customer a sense of trust in the person they are buying their jewelry from, and if the customer does not trust the seller, they will never buy anything.

Diamonds - SoLux gives diamonds a true color rendering so D, E and F stones are not given an artificial yellowish tone. They look true to their grading as do G, H and I stones. SoLux color rending is superior to all metal halide, LED and fluorescent lighting.

Over lighting - Unlike metal halide lights, SoLux will not over light the jewelry which can make the customer wonder if what they are buying only looks good because it is being blasted with too much light. That can lead to questions in a customers mind and that will often kill a sale. Having too much light can also wash out color and make skin tones look bad. That does not happen when SoLux is properly used in a store.

Colored stones - SoLux is one of the most popular lights for this colored stones. Its true color rendering at 3500K and 4100K bring out the best in a colored stones hue. It doesn't matter if you are lighting opal, tourmaline, ruby, emerald, sapphires of any color or other gemstones such as amethyst, topaz or tanzanite - SoLux will give them a superior look.

Gold, Platinum & Silver - SoLux does not wash out the color of gold and makes white gold, platinum and silver look their best.

If you want your jewelry to look its best and not have the customer start to wonder about if they are being mislead, SoLux is the lighting you should use.

Scheer's Jewelers in Rochester NY is a prime example of what SoLux can do for fine merchandise.

"After listening to Phil's presentation, it was clear I had to try these Halogens. I bought a truck load of the 3500K ones and replaced each and every Halogen bulb in my Gallery and Viewing Room.
For years, it was frustrating to me how my Viewing Room was not perfect to show diamonds. I tried reversing seating position, replacing the drop sealing tile and different bulbs, but nothing helped. Even EightStar diamonds did not look as great as they should.

When I flicked on the light switch I was amazed. All of a sudden, I could actually see diamonds clearly. Not only did these diamonds sparkle like crazy, but you could actually see the facets clearly so this is a great plus!

Please feel free to forward this message to everyone IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY CONTACTED PHIL TO GET THESE, DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW! And no, Phil did not promise any kick-backs!"

Happy selling season.

Isaac Gottesman
Owner & Designer

SoLux Applications

Solux is used in numerous applications all over the world. Here are just a few:

What our customers are saying...

"This is an unsolicited thumbs up to Solux.
We got these lights 4 years ago from Tailored Lighting. They helped us plan our lighting after we faxed our layout. SoLux has sooooooooo much less glare than LED's and standard halogens and last a long time.
The diamonds and colorered stones look very realistic. "

The Gem Gallery - Roanoke VA