SoLux Applications with Bulb Recommendations

Homeowners, museums, galleries, and stores use SoLux because it provides a superior presentation to artwork, jewelry, living areas, clothing and textiles. In addition, many companies use SoLux to make accurate judgments on color. The SoLux color temperature (3500K, 4100K, 4700K, 5000K) recommendations we provide are based on color theory and our experience developing, and using SoLux for nearly a decade.

1. Display -SoLux bulbs are the ideal choice for display lighting of all kinds. Typically 3500K is used on textiles. 3500K or 4100K for glassware or china, 4700K on diamonds.

2. Galleries - Whatever the medium, SoLux puts the best light on art, photography, glass, textiles and much more. Most galleries display under 3500K. SoLux reproduces these natural lighting conditions to recreate the original image the artist intended with all of its splendor.

3. Jewelry Stores - Thousands of jewelry stores around the world already are taking advantage of the superior presentation provided by SoLux to best highlight their fine diamonds, gem stones, and precious metals. 3500K is the most common choice of jewelers for gold and the entire store, however, some jewelers prefer 4700K for their diamonds and 4100K for their gemstones. We recommend choosing one color temperature unless separate viewing rooms are available.

4. Trade Shows - Because of the superior presentation, ease of assembly, flexibility, preservation qualities not to mention low heat to stand under. SoLux makes the ideal choice for your trade show set up. Just starting out? Call 1-585-328-2170 and speak to our resident expert. Typically 3500K is the bulb most commonly used.

5. Retail Stores - Customers get the very best presentation with SoLux. The difference is dramatic to see a store lit with SoLux as opposed to the more common fluorescent lighting. Use it to light counters, displays and dressing rooms. It will make your merchandise and your CUSTOMERS look their very best. Independent studies have shown sales increase an average of 40% when products are sold under natural lighting conditions. It is time to start thinking of lighting as an effective way to increase revenues as opposed to a necessary overhead cost. SoLux bulbs are the ideal choice for display lighting of all kinds. Typically 3500K is used on textiles. 3500K or 4100K for glassware or china.

6. Museums - Many museums including the National Gallery of Art, Philadelphia, High, Guggenheim, Van Gogh Museum, all have chosen SoLux to best display and preserve their finest pieces. No other light source in the world is more specified for illuminating artwork than SoLux. Most museums perform their touch-up work under 4700K SoLux and display paintings and artifacts under 3500K.

7. Homes - Use SoLux at home in any room. Track and recessed fixtures can be used to provide high quality light in all your living spaces formal and informal. Use the 3500K in the bathroom and 4100K in the closet to best see colors of make up and clothing. Use task lamps for reading, homework and hobbies (4700K). Kitchen lighting (3500K), art lighting (3500K), bookcase lighting (3500K). Bring daylight into any room in the house.

8. Preservation - Protect your stuff! Because SoLux has reduced the heat (IR) and reduced the harmful UV rays, it is the ideal choice for lighting items that are subject to damage from natural or artificial light sources. This aspect is a major reason why it is the choice for many masterworks. 3500K has the lowest UV and IR content of any light source on the market.

9. Studio - Whether you are a professional or amateur artist or crafts person, SoLux helps you create the ideal environment for your creative space. The superior color rendering helps you make the most accurate judgments and the reduced heat makes it comfortable to work under that light. Most artists compose their works under 4700K SoLux and display under 3500K.

10. Photography - The color proofing light kit (generally 4700K but for highly critical work 5000K) was specifically created to address the needs of the photography community. Hundreds of satisfied users have solved their problem of having the proper lighting to evaluate photographs once and for all. SoLux is recommended by many top photographers.

11. Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD is a condition that typically occurs in winter and is very closely tied to the lack of exposure to daylight. Light therapy is the most effective way to treat this disorder. SoLux goes one step further to providing bright light, it simulates the full range of qualities that daylight has. We recommend 4700K SoLux for treating SAD. A European medical equipment company specifies 4700K for their certified equipment for SAD treatment.

A word about the different color temperatures, beam spreads and wattage:
  • Color Temperature: 3500K, 4100K, 4700K, and 5000K
  • Pick the color temperature that will give you the look you want
  • In general warmer colors like red or orange look best under 3500K, cooler 4100K or 4700K
  • 4100K and 4700K tend to give a more "modern look"
  • 5000K is used for critical color work and in more technical applications.
  • Beam spread: SoLux bulbs currently are available in 10º, 17º, 24º or 36º beam spreads, also referred to as narrow-spot, spot, narrow-flood and flood respectively.
  • Pick the beam spread that will give you the width of beam diameter you need. Look at the Technical Specifications charts to determine what beam spread will give you what diameter at the distance you plan to mount the fixture.
  • Wattage: You can choose either a 50-watt or 35-watt.
  • Make sure the fixture you have planned to use is rated for the wattage you select.
  • SoLux Technical Specifications

    What our customers are saying...

    "I received the lights yesterday. I am a painter, mostly figurative and
    portraits, and have tried Chromalux (Reveal) and Ott-lite in the past. I have
    a studio with great natural light, but always had to quit painting at
    night because anything I did at night under artificial lighting
    always needed repainting again the next day. This was especially
    true for subtle skin tones. I painted a bit last night on a portrait
    I am working on under your lights and this morning was extremely
    pleased with the results. We will be placing an order shortly for my
    wife's weaving studio as the light we tried over a piece presently on
    her loom as a test looked great. She had been working with the Ott-
    lite after I gave up on it for my painting. Color was never right
    for me and it gave off such weak light for both of us. Thanks. "

    David Schulz