SoLux in depth 4700K

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Technical Specifications

Seeing is believing!

Specifications: 50 Watt, 35 Watt
IES Files: 10 Degree, 17 Degree, 24 Degree, 36 Degree
Spectral Power Distribution: Data and Graph

The SoLux daylight lamp is universally recognized as the ultimate in D50 daylight simulation. Independent studies have concluded no other man made light source comes close (see volume 3, March 1999, Journal of Prepress & Printing Technology, Quantifying illuminant Metamerism of D50 simulators).  Recommended and specified by art museums, galleries, world renowned photographers, Fortune 500 companies like DuPont and BASF. Why do we refer to the lamp as 4700K rather than 5000K? The CRI of the light source evaluated at 4700K is 99.35 and at 5000K is 98.  Years ago we choose to label the lamp based on it's highest CCT rating.

Lux / Foot-candle examples:
Reading/Studying/Sewing/Show Window/Make-Up/Hair Dressing: 100 foot-candles / 1076 Lux


With SoLux you won't "cook it or bleach it out," you'll just make it look great. Click here for applications

SoLux is ideal for safely illuminating just about anything with color.

Full Product Description

SoLux's spectral power distribution is smooth, continuous, and full and therefore it
provides the user with light that very closely matches daylight across the visible
spectrum. This makes it ideal for showing the true color of anything and for highlighting
things in a room that has fluorescent background lighting.

U.V. Reduction
SoLux at 4700K has been engineered so that UV light is greatly reduced.
The UVB output from SoLux is a low 2.36 microwatts/lumen .
The UVA output from SoLux is only 39.63 microwatts/lumen .
This makes SoLux ideal for illuminating most optically sensitive fabrics and pigments.

I.R. Reduction
Compared to a standard tungsten-halogen lamp, the spot provided by SoLux has an
58% reduction in the IR portion of the spectrum.

Beam Uniformity
The intensity pattern of the spot provided by SoLux is very uniform and even and does
not exhibit the 'splotchy' or spiky intensity patterns found in many incandescent
reflectors lamps and MR16s. Uneven illumination is visually distracting and lessens the 
value of what is being illuminated.

Choice of Color Temperatures
The amount of foot-candles illuminating an object and the surrounding environment have
an impact on how your eye perceives color. Recent work by Dr. Berman at Berkley Labs
and earlier work by Kruithof helps explain the human eye's perception of daylight.

SoLux Daylight Bulb

Technical Information:

What our customers are saying...

""Your SoLux lamps have made a significant difference for many people working in the area of critical colour management, especially in relation to metamerism with pigment printer inksets. We use a GretagMacbeth Spectroscan with Profile maker 4.1.1 software and include a custom SoLux lamp viewing light source spectrum in our profile calculations. This produces greater accuracy than with any other continuous spectrum viewing light source I have tested. For example our average LabD50 Delta E profile accuracy is typically better than 0.50, which is quite amazing. Thanks." "

Les Welking