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The ColorView Wallmount Art Light

The ColorView Wallmount Art Light was developed to ensure optimal viewing conditions for paintings both in the gallery and in the home. The Art Light exclusively utilizes the ColorView Daylight Bulb by Tailored Lighting Inc. Tailored Lighting sources are specified by the world's premier museums and art galleries on paintings by Picasso, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt to name a few. Paintings bathed in a natural light bring out the true beauty and genius of the original creation. For a partial list of over one hundred Museums, galleries, and artists that specify Tailored Lighting products, click here

The ColorView Wallmount Art Light incorporates a proprietary diffuser assembly to ensure maximum beam uniformity and spread. To ensure optimal beam spread coverage, the Art Light's head can be tilted and adjusted. By removing the diffuser you can achieve greater directionality and throw of the beam. The picture of a grassy beach utilized the diffuser. The painting is 19"x18" lit with 19" Art light. The 3'X4' picture of a boat on a beach toward the bottom of the page is lit with the 27" Art light and does not use the diffuser. The 19.5" and 27" Art lights have slightly curved arms holding the light while the 16" light shown at the top of the page has a straight arm. The ColorView 3000K Daylight LED in combination with/ or without the diffuser emits the closest simulation of daylight with lowest UV and IR of any light source on the market. Read more about our ColorView LED Technology: TLI No Blue Light Hazzard LED White Paper

The Art Light comes with a 8 foot long powercord, and on/off thumb wheel switch. Also included is a hardware kit that allows for the Art Light to be mounted to the picture frame, eliminating the need to drill holes in the wall.

For a larger collection or gallery we recommend our ColorView Track Fixtures.

This was written by the Independent, a British publication, when Tailored Lighting was specified to light the Van Gogh Museum.

"The show will delight Van Gogh and Gauguin groupies and academics alike, for the best gourmet-gourmand reason: the paintings seem naked, new and endless...the hi-tech radiance that shines down on The Sower, and other paintings, is thoroughly democratic, there is no bias towards bleak chaos; the slightest variation in colour density, the plasticity or patterning of brush strokes, even the micro-thin shadow lines - all are even-handedly revealed. And, in most of Van Gogh's canvases and later Gauguin's, all seems forever young... the effect is electrifying: the paint still looks wet; one waits instinctively for a waft of linseed."

A partial List of Museums, Artists, and Art Galleries where Tailored Lighting products can be found:
* Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands "You allowed us to see things we've never seen before"
* National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
* Los Angeles County Museum, CA
* Artrain, Collection of NASA and Air and Space Museum, "Thanks for a great product"
* Guggenheim Museum, NY, NY, and Bilbao Spain, 2001 Giorgio Armani Exhibit
* Rembrandt House, Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, NYC, NY
* Museum of Natural History, Gem Display, San Diego, CA
* Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
* American Museum of Natural History, Gem Display, NYC, NY
* Philadelphia Museum of Art
* Memorial Art Gallery,Rochester, NY
* Notre Dame exhibit in South Bend, IN
* Cincinnati Art Museum, David Dillon, "They're extraordinary"
* "After September 11: Images from Ground Zero", photographs by Joel Meyerowitz.
* Diane Burko Marriott Hotel in Center City, Philadelphia
* Marquette Building, Tiffany Mosaic (1894) Chicago, IL
* Christopher Ries' fine crystal sculpture gallery
* Riley Hawk Galleries in Columbus, OH
* Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass "We Love SoLux"
* John Himmelfarb

16" Artlight
19.5" Artlight

27" Artlight

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