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The Color Proofing Light Kit

The Color Proofing Light Kit has everything you need to do your proofing at your work station area. The kit includes: Four SoLux (3500K, 4700K) 36 degree lamps, four track fixtures, four foot section of track, and a power-feed with cord. Do not dim your colorproof lights as it will change the color temperature and intensity of the SoLux bulbs.

The Guggenheim Museum uses SoLux 4700K for critical color work on art. Most photographers choose SoLux 4700K light for critical color proofing, however, other well respected photographers like John Paul Caponigro recommend using SoLux 3500K for proofing, the light many galleries use to exhibit. Therefore, we now offer the full range of SoLux in our light kits.

The color proofing kit provides the exact lighting the experts use and recommend in one package. As an option, black back bulbs eliminate the stray light exiting the back of the bulb providing a perfect viewing environment. Go to our bulb section on the upper left section to purchase. The Color Proofing kit kit comes in black or white.

The NEW Snout optional attachment for the Color Proofing Kit. Reduces the stray light and cleans up the edges of the light emitted by the bulb. Comes with clip for attaching to fixture. Only available in black.

Please select quantity, bulb color temperature (CCT), fixture color and optional snouts:


4 Optional Black Snouts Required: Price $29.95  each

The Guggenheim Museum purchased a ColorProof 4700K Light Kit with snout.

The Department of Homeland Security has specified SoLux as a preferred light source for image capture and image evaluation.

Epson Print Academy was co-sponsored by Tailored Lighting Inc. (SoLux) along with Adobe and Microsoft.

Nikon School of Photography now recommends SoLux to its students for image capture and evaluation.

What the independent experts say:

John Paul Caponigro
"The highest quality artificial light source currently available "SoLux"

Digital Outback Photo
"SoLux was the closest match to D50"

Steven Johnson
"Finding an artificial light source near daylight has traditionally been no small task. The SoLux bulbs rise to the occasion. These bulbs are particularly useful with pigment prints that overreact to changes in lighting color temperature."

Shelly Katz
( "You can use my name and not pay me a dime! Your bulbs are that frickin' good!"

Mr. Norman Koren
"I've added a recommendation for SoLux task lamps to my instructions on testing cameras and lenses with Imatest." Scott Martin
( "I used to push my clients towards GTI and Just Normlicht viewing booths but now only recommend SoLux. Even the best fluorescent bulbs aren't perfect for color critical work. SoLux bulbs are."

Chris Murphy
Color Remedies:
"There is only one bulb that I have come across so far that is the closest to simulating the D50 spectral power distribution. SoLux 4700K lamp."

Andrew Rodney
( is another well known color expert who frequently mentions SoLux in his presentations.

Les Walking
"Your SoLux lamps have made a significant difference for many people working in the area of critical colour management, especially in relation to metamerism with pigment printer inksets. We use a GretagMacbeth Spectroscan with Profile maker 4.1.1 software and include a custom SoLux lamp viewing light source spectrum in our profile calculations. This produces greater accuracy than with any other continuous spectrum viewing light source I have tested. For example our average LabD50 Delta E profile accuracy is typically better than 0.50, which is quite amazing. Thanks."

Frans Waterlander
Digital Darkroom Lighting - Critical Element of Color Management
"Color match between monitor and printed output: Excellent; a near-perfect match with SoLux 4700K"

Ben Willmore
Digital Mastery - "Feel free to link to my site and mention that I use SoLux (although I now live in a bus and don't have a SoLux lamp setup anymore... "

R L Albertsen
"I was pleasantly surprised when my Track Lighting arrived UPS. The package was twice as big as I'd expected, I was dreading that the lights would be small, cheap plastic and badly constructed. They were much larger, better quality and well-made than I anticipated, even though I had to assemble them myself, it wasn't the daunting task I'd feared, although the instructions that came with the lights could have been better, but that's par for the course with instructions and I figured it out after making two phone calls to Phil for advice. Fortunately Phil was accessible and courteous and helpful whenever I called. After cutting-up the track in order to make four individual lights for my photography studio using the 4700k 99CRI Spot Bulbs. I held my breath and took some random shots with my Canon D10 and checked the results. The pictures appeared as superbly accurate daylight as far as skin tones and bluescreen. I was thrilled. I now have three 12volt - 50 watt Halogen photography lights that interchange between spot and flood and take a few different kinds of filters (which I haven't tried yet). If you're looking for low-watt and low cost daylight in your digital photography studio, this is the answer. The benefits are low cost, easy maintenance and flexibility in terms of design and motion, they move every-which-way. I realize if I need to illuminate a larger area, all I need to do is put a group of lights, two, three or four, - together. Don't be afraid to buy SoLux lighting for your photography studio, they ship promptly and the daylight SOLUX gear is terrific~!"

SoLux has been chosen for taking photographs of the oldest copy of the new testament dating back to 165 AD.

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