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The SoLux Gooseneck and Extendable Fixtures

Use them anywhere you need true daylight. Perfect for tradeshows, exhibits, retail display, home, office, or studio. Clamp on to the top of partitions, shelves, or the side of your desk. Simply plug in and turn on to get brilliant true color SoLux daylight!

For critical color work, reading, and photography we suggest using the 50 Watt 4700K/36 Degree SoLux bulb. For jewelry, we suggest the SoLux 4100K bulbs. For displaying artwork or textiles we suggest using the SoLux 3500K. For all clamp-on fixtures, we recommend the SoLux BlackBack bulbs in order to eliminate light from escaping from the back of the fixture.

All Clamp-on fixtures come with a plug-in transformer and 12 foot cord to power the fixture. You can order an optional plano-convex diffuser to produce a wider beam spread with a soft light, or a plano-plano diffuser if you only want to soften the light. **Gooseneck fixture requires a diffuser clip to attach diffuser to bulb.** If a brighter and more direct daylight beam is required, simply use the SoLux bulb of your choice with no diffuser. In line thumb wheel switches are also available if you don't want to use the transformer's on/off switch. The fixture's clamp can accommodate a surface up to 2 inches thick and requires a lip or overhang least an inch deep. The fixture's lamp head gets hot after awhile so we recommend aiming the light immediately after turning on.

The Gooseneck arm measures 20 inches long and has infinite degrees of freedom. The Extendable arm arm extends out 22" to 32" and can be used with an optional framing optic assembly that lights only the art.

Qty:Extendable Clamp-on FixturePrice:
Black Extend Clamp-on Fixture $124.00
Optional Framing Optic Assembly $89.95

Select SoLux Bulb Type:
Quantity of SoLux Bulbs:

Optional on/off in-line thumb switches are available for our fixtures with cords. Switches come in white and brown colors. Installation instructions.

Qty:On/Off In-Line Thumb SwitchPrice:
White In-Line Thumb Switch $6.95
Black In-Line Thumb Switch $6.95

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